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The Friday Find: Left Field Japanese Flannel Sale

I have one of these, and I can tell you honestly that it’s great. Nice fit, cool old-timey details (shrunken collar, rounded hem, pearl buttons and side gussets), excellent construction (cut and sewn in Los Angeles) and just about the softest flannel I’ve ever felt. Sadly, I had to pay full price for mine. But, now you can pick one up for yourself at a cool 25% off.

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What’s on the LF site is pretty much all that’s left of these (I mean in total, worldwide), so if you want one, this is definitely the time to get it. Fortunately, the cloth flannel is light enough for warm weather wear too, so you can count it as part of your spring purchases. Look at you, early birding it like a champ. Have a great weekend.

For price and purchase info, visit Left Field NYC.…

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WWM Anorak Shirt

You know that smell that clothes take on from being worn at the beach? That warm, sun-baked, salt-caked, cotton-y one? I kind of imagine the Anorak Shirt from Woolrich Woolen Mills smelling like that right off the rack (does that make me weird?). Fastidiously handcrafted in the USA from airy, 100% cotton poplin, the shirt’s pretty much the most stylish thing to happen to beach bummery since the board short – hell, maybe even since the Gilligan hat.

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Details include a draw sting hood, button closure at the throat, center pouch pocket, and side buttons to enhance the shirt’s pullover-ability (yes, that really is why they’re there). Part of Daiki Suzuki’s final WWM collection (single tear), the shirt is a great representation of the craft and construction that has made his run so great. Now, if only it was nice enough outside to actually wear the damn thing.

For price and purchase info, visit Context. Or, if you prefer chambray over plaid, and/or want to spend about $20 less, visit WHARF.…